Surveying is a big part of what we do at Blue Fox Construction, from assisting with the installation of large structures to resolving commercial disputes for our clients, we pride ourselves on gathering the data accurately and presenting it in a professional way. Below are some of the aspects of surveying we have been involved with. 

Surveying In Construction

  • Foundation surveys
  • Thermal surveys
  • Pile, setting out and surveying
  • Anchor bolt and steel surveys
  • Services co-ordination and as-built surveys

Surveying Within Civil Engineering Projects

  • Earth works surveys
  • Cut and Fill analysis
  • Structural surveys (bridges, culverts, tunnels)
  • Road construction services and as-builts
  • Site control points

Land Surveys

  • Topographical surveys
  • Stockpile surveys
  • Surveys for planning including Right To Light surveys
  • Agriculture and crop analysis
  • Garden Surveys for landscape design

As-Built Surveys

  • Building surveys and the production of elevation drawings
  • Road surveys
  • Slab surveys
  • Structural surveys
  • Services and drainage

Steel & Structure Surveys

  • Anchor bolt surveys often highlight what needs to be corrected before erection team arrives on site
  • Assistance with installation line and level
  • Steel frame as-built for quality assurance
  • Tie-ins checked

Building Condition Surveys

  • See the full picture when purchasing property
  • Cracks measured and recorded in condition log
  • Walls that are out of plum indicate movement
  • Information that structural engineer require

Dilapidation Surveys

  • Highlight any previous damage to neighbouring properties
  • Crack monitoring
  • Drainage condition
  • Road conditions surveyed prior to heavy construction traffic

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